Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Summer Favorite

Little Rooster, Preshie and I spent the morning in the garden. I love the garden, it is not as weed free as it should be, but I love it! I have hoped that The Darlings would learn to love it too. My Dad always kept a beautiful garden while I was growing up and we learned to work in the garden and eat from the garden as well. The Darlings are great on the eating part...but still learning to love the working part. We cleaned out a section of the garden to prepare for our Fall garden that needs to be planted. And we picked alot of squash, okra and tomatoes. YUM!! We really love okra at out house. Again something I learned to love, growing up. Most people don't enjoy okra, usually it is in gumbo or prepared in a way that it is slimy. It is a very under appreciated vegetable if you ask me....and if prepared right...a complete joy to eat! Above is what okra looks like, freshly picked from the garden. The Darlings don't like to pick it, because it leaves you itchy, but it is worth the itch!
Here is the okra sliced and ready to cook. I dust it lightly with flour and place it into a pan with 1 T. of butter and 3-4 T. of oilve oil. Cook, stirring often until browned.
Here is the finished product! Yummy! It is crisp and wonderful. Along with garden fresh tomatoes you have a great lunch that is good for you.


webbie said...

Love, love, love fried okra. Throw in some cornbread and green beans and that would have been one of my favorite meals.

Courtney said...

I can say I have never had okra but your post makes me want to try it.